Soliron: Access Pass

2500 unique NFTs Access Pass gouverned by Soliron

 Verified on Magic Eden 


Mint a soliron NFT access pass and get unlimited freebies every month as the main company started this sub-project to accumulate cash and reward the holder and supporters as best we can.

Each holder of the soliron pass token will be able to request an item from the online store at the end of each month, we will guarantee that the items will be delivered within two weeks of the request.

We know that there are people who will sell their NFT, but be careful you cannot request a thing if your wallet does not contain the token at the time of the request, a whole platform which will be available in will be set up for that.

This is the first time that soliron has created an NFT project intended to make a platform for supporters, we WILL launching a second phase of this project in the following months and the holders will have an attractive price compared to the other.


Four years ago, Soliron set out to build a different kind of digital products to serve the next generation of games over the world. Today, our website is viewed more than 100k times a year and we built a community of more than 40 k followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Founded in 2019, Soliron had a singular goal in mind: to develop the best online games digital goods marketplace in e-commerce with solana network that could eventually help pave the way for gamers to make a living through their hobby of gaming. To achieve this, we needed a team defined by specific core values to deliver the best experience to our users. These values are Integrity, Communication, Care, and Excellence in all things.

We are working with Magic Eden to launch the Soliron access pass on their launchpad, we hope find out supporters soon.





PHASE 4 (to be decided)


When is mint date?

The solarion access pass mint date is Saturday July 16th. Future mints will be announced via Discord and Twitter.

How do I participate in the mint, and what will they cost?

To mint you'll need to follow the mint link or follow us on twitter to know when we will mint. your membership includes access to our private Discord. Cost to mint will be 1 Sol.

I don't have an access pass, is there another way to purchase?

Yes. As Soliron members mint the NFTs, undoubtedly, some will be listed for sale on the Magiceden. You can purchase these NFT and joint us.

How many Access Pass will be minted in total?

There are 2,500 total Access Pass NFTs. this number may vary, stay up to date with the latest news by subscribing to our social media

Where can I find all of the terms?

Read the terms for our pass here